4 Top Helicopter Tour In New York City

4 Top Helicopter Tour In New York City

February 6, 2019 0 By Donald Phillips

Have you tried a helicopter tour? It’s a fantastic experience that an adventurer like you must witness. When you plan to visit the U.S., don’t miss the city that doesn’t sleep — New York City — because it has a lot for you. When you roam the streets of New York City through a chopper, you’ll get a bird’s eye view of the city and thrill is inviting because of captivating settings that you’ll await you. Here is a guide for you to have a fulfilling helicopter tour in New York City.

VIP Night Scenic Helicopter Flight and Statue of Liberty Sail

The most brilliant helicopter ride takes place at night.  When you visit the South Street Seaport, you can find an extravagant chopper for a flight around numerous landmarks and sites of interest such as the Chrysler Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, and Empire State Building. The trip lasts for 45 minutes. Another fascinating adventure that you could experience in your life is you could spend your time in style with champagne of toast while on a cruise in front of the Statue of Liberty right after the tour.

Big Apple Scenic Helicopter Flight

This is perfect for first timers like you as it’s an affordable flight to see the magnificence of New York City. For fifteen minutes, you’ll see tons of main attractions around the area. Daily, flights leave the Downtown Manhattan Heliport to head all the passengers to George Washington Bridge through the Empire State, Chrysler, Woolworth, Met Life, and World Financial Towers.

Complete New York Scenic Helicopter Flight

For a detailed tour or New York City, you can afford a trip that will let you see the five boroughs, including some places of New Jersey. The journey begins at the Hudson River where you’ll see the Manhattan’s Financial District along the path. The goal is to reach the Governors Island. The whole tour lasts for 20 minutes.

Here are the other astonishing sights and Midtown towers that you’ll witness when you climb aboard the chopper:

  • Verrazano Bridge
  • Brooklyn
  • Staten Island
  • St. John the Divine Cathedral
  • Columbia University
  • Palisade of New Jersey

Private Helicopter Scenic Flight

It would be a memorable moment for you and your friends to take the private helicopter to experience the scenic flight across New York City. The chopper allows six travelers aboard and one guide. You’ll spend 30 minutes of a unique journey through this package as you and your friends will get the chance to marvel the Empire State, United Nations, Central Park, and have a glimpse of the magnificent Statue of Liberty from above.

Highlights and What to Expect

When you decide to have a flight tour, you could choose departure time according to your liking as the flight tours are available throughout the day. Choose the helicopter service that provides full safety gears and has the necessary equipment for your protection. Headphones are always available so that you can hear your pilot commenting while reaching various places across New York City. The scenic views are perfect for Instagram uploading.

Things To Remember

Can’t wait to have a fun moment while you’re from above? Having a bird’s eye view of spectacular sights brings lasting memories. Here are the things to remember before getting aboard:

  • Travelers should be 18 years old or above be allowed to ride a helicopter and identification is a requirement.
  • Proper attire is necessary so that you feel at ease while enjoying the flight. Having loose-fitting clothes that have light colors are recommended to avoid the hot temperature caused by the sun.
  • Vital items that should be with you are sunglasses and sunscreen.
  • Bring a jacket or sweater for additional protection.
  • Lastly, bring your camera or video to capture the shots of the outstanding scenes from above.

You Should Be Prepared Before Going To The U.S.

The United States of America is a big country, and there’s a plethora of mixed races and exciting cultures. Before leaving your country, make sure that your IDs aren’t expired. U.S.A requires foreign nationals to complete a permit. If there’s a need for you to accomplish the condition of the Department of Homeland Security to reach the U.S.A, you can process your ESTA Visa through a reputable USA Visa online firm— USA ESTA. The processing is very convenient because you’ll need to complete three steps:

  • Filling up the form
  • Verifying information and payment
  • Receiving an email for confirmation

Final Note For You

A lot of visitors to the United States of America are having a satisfactory journey because they can now complete their ESTA quickly. If you opt to visit the country, process your permit through an online agency that can handle everything smoothly and never fails to deliver a Visa Waiver via email for utmost convenience.