All about Destination Weddings | Bali

All about Destination Weddings | Bali

July 9, 2019 0 By admin

Thinking about getting married soon? Why not go out of the norm and have a destination wedding? It is the new wave that brings intimacy in the ceremony to a whole new level. So what is a destination wedding anyway? It is one that is held in a location away from your home. Most people have it where they want to have their honeymoon as well. The best thing about a destination wedding is that it creates a whole new experience for you, the couple and your guests. Moreover, it cuts down on your guest list to only a few people who play a significant role in your life. When we are thinking of destination weddings, we think of romantic places, Bali being one of the tops on the list. 

If Bali is one of your considerations, you might want to contact an agency to help you out with the planning. The Seven Agency has incredible offers to help you organize your whole wedding in various Bali sceneries. 

Let’s check out the top places you can choose to have your wedding ceremony with seven agency.

  • Beach wedding

The white sandy beaches of Bali offer a great spot to have a spectacular ceremony. Villa Campuhan is a beautiful villa by the beach with a beautiful view of the rice paddies and island landscape, just the thing to bring glamour to your ceremony. The ocean breezing through your hair will make the “I do” moment feel like heaven on earth.

  • Waterfall wedding

Having your wedding by a waterfall in Bali. If that is not the most magical thing, you can imagine as a bride then I don’t know what is. You can have your wedding in the heart of the jungle with the dramatic effect of a waterfall in the background. With this, you get the whole jungle experience, birds humming, a beautiful environment, the breeze on your face, minus the scary wild animals, of course. It’s Almost like getting married to Tarzan. 

  • Yacht wedding

Yes, this is not a joke. A wedding on a yacht, riding on the ocean waves to your happily ever after? Seven agency can make that happen for you. It gives you that titanic-feel right there only with clearer blue skies and the best experience of your life. If you love the ocean, then this is the perfect one for you and your significant other.

So what do the packages entail?

With , you get the whole wedding package. A wedding planner, premium photography, a professional make-up artist, personal wedding Buttler, customized background music, certificate, fruit basket, and the whole decorations deal, from the centerpiece to petals on the path. You can opt for packages of 20 people or less, 30 people, 50 people or 80 people, depending on your guest list.

In addition to that, they are members of the Bali wedding association, the only legal one in Bali. Therefore you are assured that they meet all the legal requirements accordingly. So go ahead and pick out the most idyllic destination of your choice. Remember, you only get married once.