Alpine Wellness in Salzburg: Where to Relax After a Day at Ski

Alpine Wellness in Salzburg: Where to Relax After a Day at Ski

November 20, 2018 0 By Sheri Croll

The wonderful city of Salzburg is located in northwestern Austria and it was the home of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Currently, people call it the perfect destination to go skiing and hiking and not only that. The city is littered with wonderful attractions such as museums, lush gardens, and majestic mountains.

But in the winter time, all hotels and skiing slopes open for business and the skiing season start. So after you land in Salzburg, use the airport transfer Salzburg service, leave your luggage and hit the snow. But after a long day on the slopes, twisting and turning around the bends with your feet held tight to the skis, what better way to relax than a spa and wellness center. If you are lucky enough to have a booking at a hotel that has a spa and wellness center, then you’re in luck. However, before booking a hotel, be sure to check the ones below that will assure you that your stay will be worth it.

H+ Hotel

This hotel has it all including a state of the art spa and wellness center. If you are lucky enough to have booked a room at this hotel, you are in for a treat. After a day of skiing, there is no better way to relax those tense muscles than with a massage or a hot tub of bubbling water. The interior is as modern as it gets and the breakfast is on the house. If the workout on the slopes did you no good, then a fitness and workout space is the thing you need. According to tourists, couples really enjoyed their staying and rated it high.

Wolf Dietrich Hotel

The hotel is located right in the historical city center in Salzburg and has one of the best ratings out there for its cozy spa characteristics. Prices are very cheap compared to other hotels and spas’, so an early booking will be mandatory. The hotel management combined the modern looks with old-school looks, giving the hotel a 17th-century aura to it. Apart from the spa and wellness treats, the hotel even has an interior pool where you can relax your muscles after a long day at the slope. The main disadvantage is that the parking spots are limited, so be sure to ask for a parking spot if you own a car.

NH Salzburg

NH Salzburg is one of the cheapest hotels that you can get for a 4-star category. The hotel is quite small and the rooms are the same, but the coziness and privacy is everything. The hotel has its workout space with state of the art work-out machines and an old school sauna. The parking spots are also limited and the parking lot is located underground, so if you own a car, advance booking will give you a chance to get a parking spot as well. An advantage that the hotel has is that you can reach every main attraction in Salzburg in just a couple of minutes, including the railway station.;label=gog235jc-region_spa-XX-at-salzburg-unspec-ro-com-L{00ff761ce06ddc4f302bea8ac7e64a420b2f1d97d5fcd4c5dfd9a5970cb8c679}3Aro-O{00ff761ce06ddc4f302bea8ac7e64a420b2f1d97d5fcd4c5dfd9a5970cb8c679}3AwindowsS10-B{00ff761ce06ddc4f302bea8ac7e64a420b2f1d97d5fcd4c5dfd9a5970cb8c679}3Achrome-N{00ff761ce06ddc4f302bea8ac7e64a420b2f1d97d5fcd4c5dfd9a5970cb8c679}3AXX-S{00ff761ce06ddc4f302bea8ac7e64a420b2f1d97d5fcd4c5dfd9a5970cb8c679}3Abo-U{00ff761ce06ddc4f302bea8ac7e64a420b2f1d97d5fcd4c5dfd9a5970cb8c679}3AXX-H{00ff761ce06ddc4f302bea8ac7e64a420b2f1d97d5fcd4c5dfd9a5970cb8c679}3As;sid=c4479ac28377d026d290e4de975c969e;keep_landing=1&