Best Beach Destinations To Explore In Myanmar Day Tours

Best Beach Destinations To Explore In Myanmar Day Tours

February 25, 2019 0 By Jessica swan

Myanmar is a land that has endless wonders to offer which is absolutely unbelievable. While the country is prominently popular for its breathtaking array of ancient pagodas, misty mountains, glittering stupas, its rich culture- the picturesque glory of Myanmar day tours is countless. In fact, this intriguing destination has two thousand kilometers of vast coastline with many unspoiled beaches surrounded by palm trees, pristine white sand, and crystal blue waters. Those who love to get tan and want to spend some exciting and fun moment while playing with crystal clean water- Myanmar beaches are something you should definitely add in your wanderlust bucket list.

The country’s most amazing beaches are mostly located facing the west, so there is a high chance for you to see the breathing taking a moment of Myanmar sunset. If you are wondering which beaches should land a spot in your Myanmar tour and travel list, we’re here to help you out.

Indulge in the picturesque beauty of Ngwe Saung Beach

Closer to Yangon, Ngwe Saung Beach is an unspoiled clean beach despite the fact that the number of visitors keeps increasing to explore this fascinating country. Here, you can enjoy your personal time with family and friends as no salesman bother you to buy anything from them. The beach is also known as the ‘’Silver Beach’’, thanks to its soft white sand which give you a nice barefoot walk.  If you’re a beach lover and always look up for a long walk or a body relaxing moment, Ngwe should be on your list of Yangon day trips to experience a  quieter, more serene environment.

Find serenity in Ngapali Beach   

The beach is named after the Italian city of Naples- an Italian bestowed the name and thereafter the story of this pristine beach goes. This beach is a glimpse of paradise which boasts around 7 kilometers of white sand encompassed with palm trees and turquoise water. If you are nature’s beauty lover, this beach will absolutely leave you in awe where you can click the photos of the beautiful background of turquoise clear water, white sand stretched for miles and fishermen loading their nets and lots more which you will cherish for a lifetime.

Maungmagan Beach

This is one of the beautiful beaches of the Myanmar Thanintharyi Division where you can enjoy the stunning views of hills rising up from the shoreline. Maungmagan is Myanmar’s second most culturally significant beach after Ngapali and was famous with a history where the emperor’s concubines bathe” Maungmagan. The beach is relatively very quite and eye-pleasing  There are  hosts of restaurants you will find here that serve delicious seafood with a beautiful monastery at the end.

These are the few stunning beaches which owe the glory of Myanmar stardom.  Whether you’re looking for an isolated stretch of sand or an absolute tranquil environment, there are enough options Myanmar beaches offered which suit the desires of every traveler.