Different Types of Scuba Diving

Different Types of Scuba Diving

October 26, 2018 0 By Sheri Croll

Scuba diving in Tulum is without a doubt a well-known sea movement, particularly for the individuals who love to investigate the shrouded excellence of the sea. Be that as it may, it requires a considerable amount of readiness. Before you can endeavor a sheltered and charming invasion into the sea’s profundities, you should secure the physical expertise, learning, and technical preparing important to finish an effective dive.

Here’s an exhaustive dive pressing rundown to guarantee that you don’t abandon anything!

Diving Mask

Human eyes were not intended to function admirably submerged—especially saltwater. In this way, a standout amongst the most imperative things you will require is a diving mask. All things considered, what’s the purpose of going scuba diving on the off chance that you can’t see the amazing environment?

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Drysuit or Wetsuit

Despite the fact that going with a drysuit or wetsuit is somewhat of an agony because of its weight, it’s significant for ensuring your skin and keeping you warm. It is typically made of neoprene elastic, which goes about as cushioning by securing a thin layer of water close by the skin.


Fins are another critical part of your diving gear. They give you authority over your development and enable you to push yourself through the water with speed and dexterity. There are essentially two kinds of scuba fins accessible available: open rear area and full foot fins. Inside those two classifications, you’ll discover two more variations to browse, which would be sharp edge or split.

Scuba Gloves

Scuba or diving gloves are made out of solid, strong materials that assistance counteract punctures or skin scraped area while investigating submerged hollows and other precarious diving conditions.

They work simply like a wetsuit by catching a thin layer of water among skin and material to moderate the loss of warmth. Beside securing your fingers and palms, these gloves help keep your hands warm submerged.

Scuba Tank

A scuba tank or diving barrel is clearly another bit of hardware that you will require when you go diving. It is a segment of your breathing contraption and effectively allows you to store and transport vast volumes of straightforward compacted air or concentrated gas blends, for example, Nitrox.


The regulator makes it workable for you to inhale the air from your tank by changing over the high-pressure air into encompassing pressure. It has something many refer to as a first stage, which associates with the tank or diving barrel you wear on your back, and a second stage—the piece of the regulator that you put in your mouth.