Dubai Travel Tips – All You Need To Know About The City

Dubai Travel Tips – All You Need To Know About The City

March 25, 2017 0 By admin

Dubai, with its intriguing blend of cosmopolitan lodgings, taking off high rises, noteworthy landmarks and conventional souks, makes a perfect occasion goal. In case you’re intending to visit, Traveasy offer shoddy trip to Dubai from UK, so you can investigate for yourself how unique this city is. Read on for some accommodating data about Dubai.

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The Basics:

Dialect: Arabic

Money: United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED)

Time contrast: UTC/GMT +4 hours

Electric: Type L three-prong plug

Getting to Dubai

Dubai is a seven-hour departure from the UK when flying direct and flights to Dubai withdraw from London Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle and Glasgow. English travel permit holders are allowed a for nothing out of pocket 30-day visa on their entry and the air terminal is found four kilometers from Dubai downtown area.


The nearby money of Dubai is the UAE Dirham, however there are no cash confinements here. Every single significant cash are acknowledged and can be traded, however it’s prompted not to be included with road cash trades because of the likelihood of fake notes. Money withdrawal ATM’s can be found in every real shopping center and inns.


Metered taxis are Dubai’s most mainstream method of transportation and this incorporates women just taxi administrations. There’s additionally the Dubai Metro which has two lines rushing to the most famous places in the city: the red line keeps running from 5.30am until the point when midnight Saturday to Wednesday, 5.30am until 1:00am Thursdays and 10:00am until 1:00am Fridays, and the green line keeps running from 5.50am until the point when midnight Saturday to Wednesday, 5.50am until 1:00am Thursdays and 10am until 1:00am Fridays.

Opening hours

Typical shopping hours are from 9:00am – 13:00pm and from 16:00pm until 9/10:00 pm. Notwithstanding, numerous shops remain open throughout the day and a few general stores remain open for 24 hours. Shops are open on Friday which is the city’s Islamic day of rest, yet they all nearby from 11.30am to 13:00pm for Friday supplications.

Religion and Etiquette

Dubai is by and large a tolerant goal to visit, however guests are encouraged to regard the nation’s laws and qualities. Dubai’s authentic religion is Islam and the city entirely takes after Islamic laws. Amid the period of Ramadan, eating and drinking out in the open spots is restricted from dawn to nightfall. Sightseers must maintain a strategic distance from any ill-advised lead or conduct which could bring about punishments. In broad daylight places, for example, shopping centers, parks and eateries, people are urged to dress fittingly and dodge open showcases of friendship.


Dubai has a significant hot atmosphere lasting through the year. From November-March, the temperatures are lovely and direct and January is the coldest month with a normal high of 19 degrees Celsius. June to September is the most sultry period when the singing warmth can once in a while end up insufferable, however this period is extremely mainstream with visitors as it’s the least expensive time to visit.

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