How Travelling Can Make You Rich, Cheryl Glavor

How Travelling Can Make You Rich, Cheryl Glavor

September 15, 2019 0 By admin

Travel can make me you rich? Well, as surprising as it may strike you, thus is evidently true, especially if you are a chirpy soul with good skill behind lenses and good with words. The idea of travelling is changing and it can be said with definite emphasis that it is changing for the better. People used to travel before only to be with nature, to explore the wonders of the world and sometimes just to relax and escape from the monotony of the mundane everyday life.

A few hundred years ago, explorers were venturing forth in sea voyages in the search of newer land, to make a fortune. The modern pursuit of it however is radically different with many up gradations. The modern generation uses travel for various reasons and some of them can be very lucrative as argued by Cheryl Glavor, the famous social media influencer. Let’s look at some of the aspects of travelling to have a better understanding of them…

  • Blogging and Vlogging

As the famous Indian Bollywood movie “Yeh Jawani Hei Diwani” shows, many people of modern generation dreams of travelling the world and don’t want to be constrained by the daily old orthodoxy of the conservative world. The old chant of getting a job and getting married by 30 and then have children and spending the rest of the life happily ever after seems alienating to many, as they plan to roam the world and sometimes it can be done while you are getting paid for it.

If you are acquainted with Instagram, you tube and Facebook, you can find a lot of pages and channels and people who are posting interesting posts, images which evoke your curiosity. Well, most of them aren’t doing it for free! They get paid from several channels and from those social media sites for uploading such contents. If you too think that you are any good at this and want to pursue a career in this then it’s totally the time to pack your bag and hit the roads!

  • Fashion and Travelling

Many fashion designers look for interesting and original fashion design which can be used in big stages. Fashion expresses a lot of messages without deliberately saying anything and travelling can provide you u a lot of such new ideas of photo shooting. When you get into the vicinity of an entirely different ethnic group, their culture and lifestyle motivates you in different aspects and manners.

  • Travelling can be your dream job

There are various jobs that you can find that involve travelling. For example, you can take a job at a company that takes wild life surveying, you can turn yourself into a wildlife photographer, or you can even consider ornithology as an occupation like the great Salim Ali. Many of such jobs require travelling like geology or you can even become an environmental scientist, collecting data from the on field experiences.

The mode and aspects of travelling are certainly changing and you can be a bold part of that!