The Most Beautiful Sucot in Israel

The Most Beautiful Sucot in Israel

November 25, 2019 0 By admin

Autumn has arrived and with it the party of Sukkot. The landscape of the country is adorned by thousands of sukkots, ‘temporary cabins’ built in the open air, some luxuriously decorated.Right after the end of the day of forgiveness, or Yom Kippur, a hammering begins to be heard all over Israel, which indicates that millions of Israelis ( צימרים בצפון)are building temporary cabins called sukkot (sukkah in the singular).Following the most striking sucot in the country, from north to south.

The President’s Sukkah

The country’s president, Reuven Rivlin and his wife, Nechama, open the doors of their official residence, in Jerusalem, for the annual celebration of the festival. Thousands of Israelistourists visit (EXPLOREצימר בצפון)every year and enjoy a variety of exhibitions, shows and activities inside the house and in the gardens.

Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem

The hotel rides its main sukkah in the atrium of the lobby under a retractable glass cover. The design combines comfort with aesthetics: the temperature can be controlled, and if it starts to rain, the roof closes, so it is not necessary to find another place to accommodate the 200 people who fit in it.

The team that the gun starts working three weeks before the holiday, although the decoration is planned months in advance. This year’s theme is grapes and vineyards.The Waldorf also offers two larger sucot, with capacity for between 200 and 260 people, as well as private ones in some of the luxury suites.

Hotel Inbal Jerusalem

Several blocks south of the Waldorf, the Hotel Inbal Jerusalem assembles a sumptuous sukkah in the courtyard, 25 square meters and with an open ceiling 3 m high. Putting it together and decorating it requires a week.The hotel also has one of 200 square meters on the terrace, another of 50 square meters with transparent walls, in the Executive Lounge, and private suites in suites.

Kibbutz Lotan

All the members of this kibbutz, to which the ecological conscience unites them, meet at the end of Yom Kippur, even before breaking the fast, to begin building the sukkah. It measures 200 square meters and can accommodate about 300 people. Its steel frame is made in kibbutz and is covered with palm branches that grow on it and decorated with handmade murals by members and guests. The kibbutz is located in the Arava Valley.

Aish HaTorah World Center, Jerusalem

The balcony of this organization’s world headquarters, in the Old City of Jerusalem, is famous for its views of the Western Wall and the Temple Mount. A team of 10 people works about 12 hours to transform it into a luxurious 400 square meter Sukkah where about 300 people can fit.

Samaritan Sukkah

The Israelite Samaritan Community, a religious minority that lives on Mount Gerizim and Holon, in central Israel, builds exceptionally dazzling sucot indoors, not outdoors, using the four species and a geometric fruit roof.The symbolism of Eden is expressed by covering it with delicious fruits,” according to Benyamim Tsedaka, director of the Israelite Samaritan Information Institute.