The Ultimate Guide for Scuba Diving Belize

The Ultimate Guide for Scuba Diving Belize

September 25, 2018 0 By admin

There are an endless number of adventurous activities that people can enjoy in Belize, most importantly is Scuba diving. Belize is a small place in Central America which has a barrier reef that stands on second largest. It also possesses 3 coral atolls in their place. People love visiting Belize in the summer and spring months.

Deepest barrier reefs

It is a reliable destination where people love swimming with many of the whale sharks and termed as a famous landmark in the diving world. You can also find a huge ocean here called Blue Hole which makes scuba diving Belize more amazing. This adventure sport is truly outstanding. You can find a barrier reef which is 300 km long.

You can enjoy spectacular dives here. If you are one who wants to enjoy a great diving experience, then this place must be visited. Most of them feature the diving of the Caribbean which consists of deepest reefs of around 100ft and few shallow reefs at 40ft.

Diving in Blue hole

If you are planning for scuba diving Belize, then you must try this adventurous sport in Blue Hole. It is a popular heritage site of the world by UNESCO which is the deepest and widest. It is 400ft in depth and 1000ft wide.

Some divers find it highly interesting due to its depth. The dropping temperature goes around to 77 degrees. You will start feeling colder once you dive in. Once you reach140ft in depth, you will find attractive fish, stalactites and undercuts.

How to reach Belize

If you are adventure sports lover and want to plan out a trip to Belize, then many of the direct flights are available from Charlotte, Dallas, Houston, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and others.

More information on diving

In Belize, you either can choose to stay in live aboard or can book a resort which is land-based. The barrier reef sprawls over large spaces so these live boards will also take you to different diving sites. You can get a chance to enjoy sightseeing a large number of marine life.

You can plan out your trip to this place today for exploring the marine reserve. You can get a chance to enjoy its limitless number of attractions. No matter whether you are going with your family or as a newly wedded couple, you will surely enjoy Scuba diving in Belize.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags today and go ahead to enjoy your favorite adventurous sport, scuba diving.