Traveling in Puerto Rico

Traveling in Puerto Rico

March 4, 2020 0 By Himi Chauhan

Puerto Rico is an island with a landscape of mountains, seaside forts, rainforest, and rich history. The weather in Puerto Rico varies from cool-season to hot-season throughout the year. This place is a tropical island. The island is striking all year round. It is best to visit during the intermediate months which are from mid-April to June. At this time, the weather is still breezy and sunny.

Things to do in Puerto Rico


The island is crowded during the cold season, making it expensive to visit compared to the other seasons. In spring, those tourists who enjoyed the best view during the winter, have had their fill of the place and they have gone home with satisfied hearts. Also, the spring weather is welcoming and the place will be attractively vibrant with colors. You may also want to consider snorkeling tours in Puerto Rico. They are known to be a great time. It is your chance to pack your bags and enjoy the island not just because Puerto Rico will be less-packed but also because the room rates are lowered down. Hotels will start advertising rooms at a cheaper price.


You can enjoy beautiful beaches and their Spanish-Carribean culture during this time by freely roaming around and interacting with the locals. San Juan is known to be the capital and largest city of Puerto Rico.


The wide beach fronts are one of the main reasons why the island is popular around the world. After enjoying the beach, you can visit the bars, nightclubs, and casinos nearby. You can also walk around and explore the Spanish colonial buildings. May to June are the hottest months of the year but you don’t need to worry about it because there are many activities that you can enjoy during this time. The SoFo Culinary Festival in Old San Juan is a famous outdoor street fair. It is a four-day event participated by more than forty restaurants and bars around the place. Stroll and be amazed by the Puerto Rican’s annual event.