What To See In Minnesota

What To See In Minnesota

August 6, 2019 0 By Jessica swan

Minnesota is a Midwestern U.S. state situated on the Border of Canada and Lake Superior. Lake Superior is the very largest of the Great Lakes. Minnesota contains more than 10,000 other lakes. If you are on a vacation trip to Minnesota, there are some places you must visit.


Duluth minnesota is a major port city on Lake Superior, it has a rich history to develop this town into a modern city. The city has various seasons, you will find the town different if you go there in summer and then in winter; every season has its beauty in the town. Vacationers can catch a show at the Duluth Playhouse and watch the sailing of large ships come in and out at the seaport. Many special events take place in Duluth. You can find it on the internet and also can call the local restaurants to guide you


Rochester? It portrays the image of the well-known medical facility of the world “Mayo Clinic Rochester” in your mind but there are many other fabulous places to visit in Rochester. There is a historic trolley company which will guide and take you to the historical and beautiful places of the city. Visitors may enjoy the traditional market of the town where they can find natural fruits and vegetables in every season. Minnesota Children’s Museum is an attraction point for young minds.


Are you a food lover? Yes! well, it is a perfect place for you to visit. You can have various delicious dishes in the restaurants of Saint Paul but the specialty of the food industry in the town is the world-famous ” Original Juicy Lucy Burger”, isn’t it mouth-watering! Apart from eating, there are many other things in Saint Paul to do like skating rinks especially the Special Red Bull Downtown Skating Competition in winters and can enjoy a beer sitting in the lush green gardens of the town in summer.

  1. ELY

It is located deep in northern Minnesota, comprises of hundreds of lakes and seemingly countless acres of woods. You travel easily to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Ely is a well-known place amongst kayakers and water explorers and is also accessible. You must not be an expert water explorer to visit Ely, it is a destination to those who are inexperienced or beginners. Tourists to the city may also enjoy the International Wolf Center and the Bear Center, both of which provide extensive information on native species to the area that includes wolfs and bears. For the city lovers, the downtown market and art galleries are the best places to visit and amuse by the food in well-known restaurants and art in the galleries which they love.


There are many more fabulous places like Grand Marais (the largest freshwater lake), Stillwater, Brainerd town for nature lovers, Grand Portage for natural sighting, Itaska State Park who love lush green planes and dense woods and many more in Minnesota to make your vacation memorable.