Young Drivers in San Juan Know the Recipe for a Perfect Weekend

Young Drivers in San Juan Know the Recipe for a Perfect Weekend

August 31, 2018 0 By admin

Under 25 car rentals in San Juan is common place because prices allow it. The concern among the young drivers has since shifted to what will constitute a miraculous weekend. Puerto Rico’s capital is vast with colorful features. The choosing a place to visit is critical to young drivers who lands in that rare opportunity. So, with your rental car keys, look no further than the following places.

La Fortaleza mansions

Your visit can only be a full filling experience when you’ve got the chance to mingle with new and familiar faces. Most Puerto Ricans find solace from the wear and tear of the week in the Western Hemisphere mansion, La Fortaleza. Spending quality time in the fort reminds you of old age while the colorful skies nodding to the multiple kites are the surety that there is yet time to live a happy life. If La Fortaleza is your choice, then you’re not far from exploring the old Spanish concept of the New World. A few minutes’ drives will land you in Castillo San Felipe del Moro. Still, you have the option to take in the whole history of how San Juan is speedily fighting the aftermath Hurricane Maria.


Under 25 car rental in San Juan is one of the ways that young drivers access the ritzy Condado beaches. They’re not very expensive as you thought. You’ll need to spend a weekend in an environment that reminds you of the scouting skills. Some sort of fun from Puerto Ricans who bath in the river. That’s really unfortunate. Could be their lights aren’t back after Hurricane Maria. A little drive down the beaches makes you feel lucky. At least you’ve got a car! The concretes that defined bus stops have since disappeared into the ground.

El Yunge

Young drivers who love the fascination of nature may also carry along their spotting scopes to El Yunque National Forest. When you reach the Eastern part of Farjado, the forest will be located to your right. Weather changes have denied tourists the opportunity to behold this beauty from planes. That’s not all you’ve got to enjoy your visit. Symphony Orchestra will give the ultimate atmosphere to fix your lunch before you travel back. The mix of city and nature experience is worth the time of any young driver in San Juan. If it’s your lucky day, you’ll likely land in one of the most popular concerts when you visit the only National Park.

La Finca de Carlos Cuevas

The decision to travel to the Finca is not all in vain for a young driver. Many people associate the region of Cidra with community work. Yes, that’s true but you’ll also need to mention the regular festival of friendship that attracts thousands to the small valley. This may be one of the rare opportunity to enjoy cool music from Puerto Rican Guitarists and musicians.

In conclusion, under 25 car rentals in San Juan can make a weekend more meaningful to a young driver. The beauty of the metropolis provides more places worth visiting, but these remain part of the best choices you’ll ever make.